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Did You Know???

  • Listeria Fears Prompt Target, Fresh Market Recalls
    The products were sold at Target and Fresh Market stores, and include egg salad, tuna salad and lobster salad.
  • Residents Unaware of Cancer-Causing Toxin in Air
    Federal data show an increased cancer risk to neighborhoods across the country around plants that emit a gas called ethylene oxide, which is used to sterilize medical equipment.
  • Heat Bakes the Nation, Here Are Some Safety Tips
    Across two-thirds of the United States, over 115 million Americans live where some level of heat alert is already in effect, and 290 million will see temperatures soar past 90 degrees at some point in the next week, USA Today reported Wednesday.
  • Pot Use During Early Pregnancy on the Rise
    Pot use and pregnancy hardly go hand-in-hand for health reasons, but more American women are using marijuana just before and right after they become pregnant, new research warns.
  • Is Caffeine Fueling Your Anxieties?
    For some people, caffeine may help with concentration and provide an energy boost, but it can cause problems for those with general anxiety disorder, said Dr. Julie Radico, a clinical psychologist with Penn State Health.